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Mamavation Monday


Hey there all you beautiful people. I truly hope your week is off to a great start. Me? I’m studying for a final tomorrow evening, oh joy. It’ll be a relief once its over, this week will be full of packing and this weekend is great camping Halloween fun! We won’t be closing on the house until probably December, but we will be staying with my mom until we move into the new house to save on rent money. Last week was so nuts with everything going on, and this week is a little nuts as well. I can’t wait to just be able to relax once we are moved out of here.


You know how when you know that something is going to change/end that it starts getting SO ANNOYING?! Well yeah, that’s how our apartment and neighbors are at the moment. I JUST WANT OUT. So bad. I’ve turned into such a Grinch about everything, including the neighbor kids. Lord help me get through this. 


So on another note, my mom will be leaving in a couple weeks to go on a mission trip to Kenya. I wanted to go but being as I miss my baby after only a night away, I couldn’t handle it right now. She’ll be there a little over a week painting a mural on one of the buildings in the slums. The fighting over there has spread, and the slums are covered in mobs and crime, so its getting a little nerve-wracking. Please pray for her on her journey (if that’s your thing). 

Here’s to a crazy week! *clink* Sex talk tonight on Mamavation TV! Woo sex!


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Weddings and Weight Gain


I had a small gain this week. I gained about 2 pounds. I’m weighing in at 133.8 pounds. I’ve seriously been struggling with my motivation this week. I haven’t worked out and the past few days and I’ve been pigging out on food. I think it may be from the stress of buying this house. It’s worth it.

I feel like this is what I looked like all weekend.

Photo courtesy of:

I’m trying to get re-motivated, trying really hard. Rachel and Wendy both offered out help to me, and I thank them both for that! Hopefully soon I’ll be back in the swing of things and next week can post another loss!

All my Mamavation Sistas rock! I’m so proud of all of them on their achievements!

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Enter the crazy busy week.


Holy lachrymal, guys. For the record I had no idea what that was until I just googled it, it showed up as a spelling correction so I went for it.


Related to weeping or tears.
A small bone forming part of the eye socket.
adjective.  lachrymatory – lacrimal – tearful
noun.  lachrymatory

So, holy eye-bone, guys. This is going to be a long week.

First of all, the fun stuff.
I weighed myself this morning and I’m at 131.2. That‘s a 2.8 lbs loss! Whoop! My workouts have moved to 3-4 times a day instead of every day, but it is still working for me. I’m trying to stay active even on my non-workout days.
So, as some of you know already, we bought a house this weekend. We were in a bidding war against another buyer, and our offer was accepted.  I freaked. I’m so excited. Excuse me while I jump up and down a little bit.
*Jump* *Jump* *Jump*
So, now we are trying to find an inspector (gadget) to get things rolling. Our main issue is we are trying to get out of the apartment by the end of October, this takes a 30 day notice to our landlord so we don’t get charged an extra month, and quite possibly staying at my mom’s house for a month. Not bad considering I love that woman to pieces. So the inspection has to be done and discussed by Friday at the latest to see if we have to back out for any major reasons.
Today I have to find said Inspector Gadget, get prices for a storage unit for a month or two, hit up the library, drop off a check, and go grocery shopping so we don’t end up eating potatoes at midnight because we are so hungry again. Add on dropping off some stuff to the post office, and a paper due tomorrow night for class, and you have my week. Actually, after tomorrow the week shouldn’t be too bad. I’ll continue to be dramatic, though.
Buying a house is hard. AND COSTS A TON OF MONEY UPFRONT. We are going to be out about $1000 before we even close. Who cares, its worth it. Have you seen this house?! No? Well it is quite adorable.
Also, I’m so stinking excited about tonight’s Mamavation TV! Label GMOs guys! Yes on 37!
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Lost Inches, Bachelorette Parties, and Spidey-Senses


Okay guys, the 2 Week Challenge is over. I have to say, I was hoping for better results number-wise but thrilled with the results habit-wise. First the numbers:

Starting weight – 134.2 lbs.
Ending weight – 134.0 lbs.
Starting waist – 32.5 in.
Ending waist – 30.5 in.
Starting hips – 38 in.
Ending hips – 37.3 in.
Starting thighs – Right 22 in. Left 22 in.
Ending thighs – Right 21.6 in. Left 21.4 in.
So that’s a total of 0.2 lbs, 2 inches off of my waist, 0.7 inches off of my hips, and 1 total inch from my thighs. 
As far as habit-wise it is much better. Exercising has become just the thing I do. Like peeing, or brushing teeth. It is now what I do. I’ve also become waayyyyyyyyy more aware of what I’m eating and making sure I buy only quality, healthy food. I feel better, even though I’ve been really tired.
So… bachelorette parties. They are fun, but those alcohol-induced munchies suck. I ate cupcakes, not one… plural. I also drank sugary drinks.
I have a tingling spidey-sense that my weight loss was not that groovy because of the alcohol. Possibly also the cupcakes.
That’s okay guys, I’ll work it off.
This post is sponsored by Beanitos and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention &weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway


Halfway Through the 2 Week Challenge


Seriously, I’m amazed at how well I’ve stuck to this. It’s changing me completely. Last night Kevin showed me a picture of an ice cream bowl with Oreos and sprinkles and I only wanted just a bite. Not the whole thing plus two more. Just a bite. This is huge, guys! Figures though, last night was my only bad eating night for the week. We had a family dinner with my dad for Grandparent’s day and had BBQ mets, half baked potatoes, just a little mac and cheese, and cookies. I did keep my portion sizes in check, so it wasn’t all that bad.

I got a little discouraged with this a couple days ago and even this morning when I stepped on the scale. I haven’t even lost an ounce. Still at 134.2. I didlose a half inch on my waist and hips! Thighs are the same. I’m determined to keep with it. As it was explained to me, I’m building lean muscle so it is normal to stay weight neutral at first. Another struggle is how tired I’ve been feeling since I started this. Hopefully that passes soon.

When I went grocery shopping in the middle of the week everything was healthy and about half of it was fresh. I also just picked up some cucumber and local honey from a farm close by. Healthy eating is seriously expensive. That’s the biggest struggle for us. We are on a budget, a tight budget, especially since we are trying to buy a house. So if anyone has any tips for eating healthy on a small budget, please tell me!


Mamavation Monday and The 2 Week Challenge That Might Kill Me


Today is the dawning of a new era. In which lion and hyena come together… or well… yeah. Anyways, really it is a new beginning. A healthy beginning for me. I start the Mamavation 2 week challenge today. I’m excited and pumped up. So of course I have to give the starting info. 

Starting weight: 134.2 lbs

Waist: 32.5 in

Hips: 38 in

Thighs: both 22 in

My eventual goal weight is 125. It doesn’t have to be by the end of the 2 week challenge, although that would be nice. Just eventually. My biggest goal is being healthy. 

So. Here comes the before pictures. WARNING! ROUGH PICTURES AHEAD!





Notice the baby lag, as I like to call it? That fun pooch that sticks around after your skin stretches from the pregnancy. Woo hoo. 


So today it starts. 

I’m also currently pledging to be in the Mamavation Sistahood. I am so excited and honored to get this opportunity. I want to be able to encourage other moms like me who want to be healthy, gain some new friends. and just be all around awesome together!  Let’s rock this Sistas! 

I had my baby on April 27th 2012, I was 160 when I gave birth, got down to 139 and rocked it out there for a little while, and then finally got down to my starting weight I’m currently at. 

P.S. Sorry for the Lion King reference up there. It just came to me.