Halfway Through the 2 Week Challenge


Seriously, I’m amazed at how well I’ve stuck to this. It’s changing me completely. Last night Kevin showed me a picture of an ice cream bowl with Oreos and sprinkles and I only wanted just a bite. Not the whole thing plus two more. Just a bite. This is huge, guys! Figures though, last night was my only bad eating night for the week. We had a family dinner with my dad for Grandparent’s day and had BBQ mets, half baked potatoes, just a little mac and cheese, and cookies. I did keep my portion sizes in check, so it wasn’t all that bad.

I got a little discouraged with this a couple days ago and even this morning when I stepped on the scale. I haven’t even lost an ounce. Still at 134.2. I didlose a half inch on my waist and hips! Thighs are the same. I’m determined to keep with it. As it was explained to me, I’m building lean muscle so it is normal to stay weight neutral at first. Another struggle is how tired I’ve been feeling since I started this. Hopefully that passes soon.

When I went grocery shopping in the middle of the week everything was healthy and about half of it was fresh. I also just picked up some cucumber and local honey from a farm close by. Healthy eating is seriously expensive. That’s the biggest struggle for us. We are on a budget, a tight budget, especially since we are trying to buy a house. So if anyone has any tips for eating healthy on a small budget, please tell me!



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