Mamavation Monday and The 2 Week Challenge That Might Kill Me


Today is the dawning of a new era. In which lion and hyena come together… or well… yeah. Anyways, really it is a new beginning. A healthy beginning for me. I start the Mamavation 2 week challenge today. I’m excited and pumped up. So of course I have to give the starting info. 

Starting weight: 134.2 lbs

Waist: 32.5 in

Hips: 38 in

Thighs: both 22 in

My eventual goal weight is 125. It doesn’t have to be by the end of the 2 week challenge, although that would be nice. Just eventually. My biggest goal is being healthy. 

So. Here comes the before pictures. WARNING! ROUGH PICTURES AHEAD!





Notice the baby lag, as I like to call it? That fun pooch that sticks around after your skin stretches from the pregnancy. Woo hoo. 


So today it starts. 

I’m also currently pledging to be in the Mamavation Sistahood. I am so excited and honored to get this opportunity. I want to be able to encourage other moms like me who want to be healthy, gain some new friends. and just be all around awesome together!  Let’s rock this Sistas! 

I had my baby on April 27th 2012, I was 160 when I gave birth, got down to 139 and rocked it out there for a little while, and then finally got down to my starting weight I’m currently at. 

P.S. Sorry for the Lion King reference up there. It just came to me. 



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