Mamavation Monday: The Big Move


So yesterday we officially moved into our new home. How awesome is that?! I’m stoked! WE OWN A HOME. That’s pretty exciting to say. We still have a ton of unpacking to do and rearranging. Plus we need to make a big grocery trip on top of buying some new items we need for the house and Christmas. This will end up being a very expensive month.

I’ve been continuing my workout classes that I really enjoy but I’m running into a problem. I’ll be babysitting weekdays and that time runs into the time of the classes, so I’ll need to find a way around that. I’m a little bummed because I really enjoyed doing this with my mom. She has been recruiting my aunt and trying with my sister so if they both join I’ll be even more bummed. I might have to start taking the morning classes alone.

Weight Watchers has been great for me! Whatever weight I lost before I had gained back and now I’m down to a total loss of 3 pounds so far. Only after 3 weeks of doing this. I enjoy WW a lot. I feel great, I have more energy and I really feel like I’m learning portions way better. My only problem is getting myself to eat multiple meals. So many times I find myself not eating until noon, or in yesterday’s case, 3 pm. Oh and WATER. I really need to get better about water.

Please continue to keep all of the victims of the recent shooting in your prayers/thoughts/good vibes. My heart is with all of them. I’ve never really thought this hard about how blessed I truly am, and I wish these parents and families didn’t have to go through such a terrible terrible situation.

I’m pretty excited about tonight’s Mamavation TV. We are learning about backyard gardening which is something I will definitely be getting into now that I’m in my own house!

This post is sponsored Dole and Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway


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  1. Congrats on home ownership!! That’s a total bummer that you will have to go to class on your own. It’s always funner with a buddy!

    I’m also like you when it comes to not eating until lunch or later. I actually force myself to eat something as soon as I wake up. Ahhh water, I am SO bad with my water. I have to log my water intake so I know where I’m at.

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