Mamavation Monday


Sorry ladies, I haven’t posted in a while. Things have been a little crazy around here. I’m wedding planning along with planning a birthday party for my 10 month old (I’m getting a head start) on top of classes and regular mom stuff. But anyways, I’m so excited to be back!


I’m still hovering around the same weight, fluctuation up and down a lot. There isn’t much to post about that. I’ve kind of let my exercising get away from me. I’m continually eat well, though. I have my splurges every once in a while but I’m able to keep them under control.


Our rescue dog, Kazi is adjusting well in our home. He’s been with us for about a month now. He acts like he’s always lived with us! We love him to pieces, he is a wonderful dog. I’m so glad we chose to rescue. I can tell the gratitude he feels for bringing him into a loving home. He was just neutered on Thursday, but he’s still full of energy! He’s been what I need to get me out on walks with him almost every day.



I feel like I’m just waiting for motivation to hit me. I have countless projects to do around the house, but can’t seem to make myself do them. I need to learn how to motivate myself. If anyone has any tips on motivating, please share them!

It feels great to be posting again. I love my Mamavation Sistas so much!


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  1. I find staying motivated to get things done can be hard sometimes, especially if you feel overwhelmed. As a mom of five kids, I find myself overwhelmed often! I feel as though there is never enough time in the day to accomplish everything. So I make a list…and yes the list is never done completely, and no I don’t get it all done in a day. But I make a list. Some things need done sooner than others, but if I can visualize it, if I can look and see what I need to do…it will get done! This seems to work for me anyways! Good luck! And keep on keeping on!

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